Creating Viral Video Marketing for Small businesses

Viral Video MarketingViral Video marketing is a very widely used form of promotion that can be very effective when used appropriately.

Video Marketing has been in existence for some time now in the shape of television advertisements, the first official tv ad was for the Bulova watches it was actually broadcast in America on July 1, 1941 on the New York station WNBT, the company paid anywhere from $4.00 to $9.00 to have it broadcast.



Viral Video marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to market on the internet, and if done adequately , it can create a huge and responsive audience to any business.


3 Viral Video Marketing Requirements


Viral Video Marketing Message

In its most straightforward form, viral video marketing is the technique of creating a promotional video for and uploading it to the web. One of the first things I would personally do before I even make the video is brainstorming tons of useful ideas what you would like to write on then writing up a script for those ideas broken down in sections to make it easier to manage your content. Striving to write the complete script at one time can be very hard and painful to write.


The overall objective of any video marketing campaign is to create a potential clients. Viral videos usually contain some kind of fantastic or entertaining content that captures the viewers interest in a way that they are compelled to show off the content to others that will also enjoy the video. One popular explain of this is when the 2012 single drop Gangnam Style by Park Jae-sang better know as Psy who is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper who’s single had one billion views in five months. Most of us all still remember that song and dance Gangnam Style.


This is known as “viral video” the viral strategy of spreading the video through video sharing sites, social media like facebook and emails. Internet marketers hope that this will result in an improved reputation for their brand and an increased amount of sales. And with more than half of YouTube views coming from mobile devices the position of your videos on your website could make your business succeed like you never seen before on the web.


Viral Video Marketing Messenger

After you have your topics and a few good ideas created out now you can write on each topic probably about 3 to 4 articles a topic and in no time you should be moving toward making your video and letting that next messenger see what you created. Viral Video messengers love to promote  creative material  that will go viral so they can share with there friends and family or for their products or services.


So what are so good messengers for a viral video well it is said that having teen females is one of the fastest way for a creative material to go viral becasuse of there huge network of teen friends. Having just one of your video to spread in this manner is usually one of the best cost-effective method of advertising and gaining exposure to your small business completely free of charge on a platform like Youtube that is presently reaching more people between 18-49 yrs-olds than most cable network.


Viral Video Marketing Placement and Timing


The last step is placement where do I place my finish video to show the world well if you think that you have construct a great video clip for your audience where do you put the video clip at do you place it on your website, do place it on video sharing site or do you just keep it.  This is an issue for some video marketing entrepreneur’s simply because they want the most people possible looking at their videos. My strategies is go with the most popular video websites such as YouTube with over one billion registered users and generate billions of views. But always reminder you want your content to be relevant to what is going on in the present time so that most people can relate to what you have created.


Then if you have some time you can brake up your online videos into smaller videos for online sites like vine. Carry out this and you will start receiving massive amounts of daily traffic . This can amount to a substantial amount of exposure to the services you provide or product. Marketing experts hope that their online videos will be viewed by many people, some of whom may be potential customers is the goal.

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