7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018

Social Media MarketingIf you been in any business for while you know getting traffic has always been one of the most important parts of staying in business. And keeping a edge over your competition knowing where to go to get the best traffic online.

Getting traffic nowadays is becoming harder and harder every year more and more people are discovering the internet is the place to be to build a long term business online. If you want to know which traffic will still bring in customers check out some of these sources I put together that will keep the traffic pouring in for years to come.

There are many was to increase free traffic to your website. But which ones are working right now in 2017 and will work in 2018.

Lets take a look a some strageties I have been looking at 2017 to see which free methods are generating free traffic to peoples website. Which leads to more sales and repeat customers.


1. Facebook Live – Is one of the hottest free traffic sources online right now business owners are selling anything from jewerely to promote their services with facebook live streaming. If you really want to boost your business you may want to combine this with manychat to handle your social media management learn how here


2. Instagram –  One of my favorite social media site that engagement is fantasic. If you havent created a free account on Instagram to receive free traffic to your website you should instagram is grown to over 800 million, and 500 million using it every day, do you think you could find some new customes there probably the answer is YES so what are you waiting for now is the time go create an account. Also mentioned in instagram time spent watching video on Instagram is up more than 80% year over year, while the number of videos produced per day has increased by 4X from last year1.


3. Interacting with online conversations – Finding conversions to interact with online is a great way to find new customers and build your brand by answering questions online like forums, social, and Q&A sites puts you in a authority figure and also drives traffic to your site.


4. Google analytics –  If you have a blog or website for personal use or business you need to have analytics data. Here are some of the benefits and how the data can help bring even more traffic to your site.
-Show you how many people are visiting your website
-What websites are sending traffic to your website
-Where my customers are coming from
-Which content are my visits engaging with the most
And if that wasnt enough you can even find out which content to start creating more of for your visitors.


5. Writing Headlines – Headlines could be the most important actions when creating your content why you might ask because if they never open your email are read your headline its almost like you never even created the content. So if you need help creating headlines check out these sources buzzsumo.com, coschedule.com/headline-analyzer Great headlines increase engagement, shares, and traffic to your site.


6. Youtube Marketing – Video Marketing is the future of marketing youtube has over one billion users and just on mobile they reaches more people in this US audience than any TV network. And they are over one billion hours watched daily.


7. Studying Your Competition –  If your in business you need to be studying your competiion no one wants their competition to get an edge on them in business. If you havent already heard of BuzzSumo go check it out, they allow you to research the most shared content and influencers for almost any topic and its free to use but it only shows the top 10 results to check out what your competitors are up to, and what is poplur right now. Do you want to find out what people are really interested in and talking about online try buzzsumo then start creating content around toptics that are ready getting tons of shares and likes.



Their is more free traffic out there than you can handle its all about creating the right content. If you would like to learn more how to get leads and sales in your business the right way lets set up a meeting to get your going and capturing and driving this traffic to your business.


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Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson is an Online Business and Marketing Coach with over 7yrs of Marketing exp. online in wordpress, analytics, facebook marketing, mlm, seo and much more. Also have a Degree in Computer Technology and a Certificate in Computer Service and Repair and is very passionate about helping Individuals and Small Business Owners Succeed by Growing your Business with Internet Marketing.


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