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Social Metrics ProIf you have been paying close attention to the search engine lately there is now a third level to accomplishing your SEO goals online and it’s called social signals.  Social signals are when you like a post using facebook like, Google + or Pin content to Pinterest this can help your search engine ranking on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

SEO (search engine optimization) use to be finding specific keywords with low competition and high search volume and getting back links.  Now there’s social signal you must try to get if want to get more exposure online from search engines and social networks like facebook, Twitter YouTube and Pinterest.

If you ever tried to keep up with all of your posts social signals you know that could be a very tedious job to do, some people may have more than a 1000 post on their sites and trying to know which content is preforming the best over others can be difficult, you want to know this so that you can write more content on the same subjects to satisfy your visitors you should consider using Social Metrics Pro to quickly identify which posts are getting tons of social action.  It also helps improve the social signals of one’s websites.


Social Metrics Pro is the latest SEO tool out on the market that works around the principles of bing’s and Google’s latest policy on ranking sites.  It helps one track websites’ progress on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

It works together with several popular social networks and can assess feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, and several others on the pipeline.  Social Metrics Pro gives one a clear vision of how the website is ranked on social networks.

According to dates and categories, one can choose filter options through Social Metrics.  One can place a preferable data refresh frequency, meaning that one can have the most current statistics of the website’s performance.  You can also analyze data by using searching and sorting options, which are given within the plugin.

Every time one likes, shares, or comments on a website owner’s content, Social Metrics Pro records those activities.  A website owner can track how his sites are doing and make some improvement to make the sites more enticing on social networks.  It is a new tool; however, it makes things for the neophyte optimizer easier and its color-coding output system is very simple.


Advantages of having Social Metrics Pro Analytics


One of the greatest advantage of Social Metrics Pro is that it exactly tells the website owner or blogger which of his website contents is performing the best and which ones that need improvement.

This Social Metrics feature helps the website owner’s social signals on the blog or site, helping them to better ranking.  Social Metrics is the new best friend for website owners and bloggers and it is easy to install on one’s WordPress sites.


Social Metrics Pro through a simple visual depiction – helps the modern optimizer to stay attuned to his website’s performances on social networks and there’s no need to work with various tags, codes, or difficult links.

It helps to propel the ranks highly and it also utilizes the latest ranking methods used by the world’s largest search engines.  Simply put, this tool analyzes how one’s website is received on platforms like Twitter tweets, +1 on Google Plus, and Facebook likes, among other platforms.  It also checks the content’s performance on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.


My thoughts on this plug-in is that I would definitely recommend it to any WordPress user who is looking to find which content is performing the best and how you can move up in the rankings of the search engine. The SEO expert can expect great things form Social Metrics Pro.   Social Metrics works for WordPress blogs that are higher than version 3.2.  and also provides options that will help the website or blog owner modify his experience with assessment tools.

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