5 Tips How to Build a Facebook Group

Facebook GroupHave you ever wonder how do those guys build a huge facebook group some over 100k members and it conuties to grow day by day week by week with no end in slowing down.

Well I have a few tips to show you how to start off buidling your first facebook group the right way

1. Before you even think about creating your Facebook Group make sure you do keyword research this should be your main focus. Why you might ask well if you audience isnt searching for what you are about to create why should they join your group. Always remember to make sure there is an market to target before creating anything and also check how much competition you will be going up against.
2. Tell people what is your group about in the description section

3. Keep your members enagaed with consisteny content creation on the topic of the group. I really like creating pre-recorded videos then broadcast them live in the facebook group the service I use is called socilivestream it gives you the ablility to schedule pre-recorded videos on your profile, page, and group then it signals other social media sites like twitter, reddit, tumblr, LinkedIn etc…. Your are going live which brings is more traffic to your facebook lives.

4. Build Relationship with your members very important to the success of any Facebook group is to build rapport with your members. Run polls in your group get to know them though messenger

5. Promote Your Group – There a hundreds of ways to promote your group online or offline. Get the word out about your group here are a few ways

-Pin Your Group to  Facebook Page

-Pin Group to Twitter

-Create a image on Pinterest

-Create a meetup group

-Write a blog post

-Tweet about your group



Always remember your goals is to solve a problem just keep that in mind when coming up with your title for your group.  If you start off right you can have a profitable targeted engaged community group. Hope these tips help to get your going in the right direction if you need assistance getting leads and sales online with the leverage of internet Marketing make sure to visit this here https://manychat.com/l1/AskAnthonyJohnson

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Anthony Johnson is an Online Business and Marketing Coach with over 7yrs of Marketing exp. online in wordpress, analytics, facebook marketing, mlm, seo and much more. Also have a Degree in Computer Technology and a Certificate in Computer Service and Repair and is very passionate about helping Individuals and Small Business Owners Succeed by Growing your Business with Internet Marketing.


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