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With over 10 months in development finally Ultimate Demon by EdwinSoft’s is release to the world. Increasing your business online visibility has just gotten a lot easier no more of the tedious and time-consuming task you use to do in your link building campaign. Link building can be one of the most time consuming task in your search engine optimization tasks and is also one of the most effective ways to increase your site traffic.

It can help your site rank higher in search engine results and draw in lots of traffic by having your link on other websites or blogs, but it needs a lot of manual work and time to build up links to your site. This all can reduce your time to growing your business.

Fortunately, a new affordable innovation in link building automation has come to the rescue. This software will help you save time and money as it will take care of your link-building needs and free up more time for you to grow your business and increase profits faster than ever.

Ultimate Demon is an all-in-one seo automation link building software that lets you make accounts, verify emails, submit content to sites, build links and increase your site traffic in a short time and leaving out a lot unnecessary steps that will waste a lot of your time when you could be building your business and seamless submission process that links together the entire link building tasks and effectively.

Some of the Best Features of Ultimate Demon

Add Own Sites

This is one of my favorite features of Ultimate Demon it allows you to add your own sites with a build in scraper. The scraper works by adding a footprint and let it scrape the internet for sites then it automatically detects the type of sites you add and lets you add unlimited script using sites such as Article Beach, Article Dasboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, Elgg, German’s Public Bookmark, MyBB, phpBB, Pligg, Php Dug, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus and SMF. This helps you increase your backlinks you can get from all the sites resulting in more traffic.

Article Spinning and Rewriting

It has a built-in article spinner and re-writer that supports nested spins and multiply your articles into thousand of versions without worrying about duplicates.  Ultimate Demon also has a Mass Replace Synonyms that replaces your words with its synonyms for more unique articles. You can even build a synonym database based on your spun articles. You can also produce more unique content by using the software’s integrated API feature that uses two popular content spinner, the Spinner Chief and thebestspinner.com

Creating and Scheduling a Task

You can set a date and time for your submissions or even randomly let build links up over a certain period of time. This lets you build links at regular intervals and volumes.

Contextual Links for Self Added WordPress Article Directories

The contextual links feature lets you insert links when it finds the keywords that match what you provided but you can only use this feature for self added wordpress article directories that are labeled yourwordpress and the directories allows links inside the content of your article this is a great feature for getting backlinks to your site.

Other Awesome Features Include:

– Supports multiple platforms and cheaper visual aid services.

– Faster content submission with its multi-threading support and linked performance with its seamless submission process.

– Built-in privacy protection, automatic pinging and human speed simulation.

–  Assigning accounts to particular proxy servers and much more.


How much does Ultimate Demon Cost?

At the time of this post you two options to purchase Ultimate Demon one is one-time price of $347 with I think is a steal for what you can do with this software also you will have 2yrs of free upgrades from the time you purchase the software, afterwards the upgrade will cost you an additional $147 with every upgrade you get 2yrs of upgrades

Click here for Option #1

If you don’t have the $347 up front you can chose the monthly option#2 of just $47 a month

Click here for Option #2


With Ultimate Demon, you can grow your business effectively without sacrificing too much time. It helps you focus more on your business core functions and not wasting a lot of time trying to build links to rank in search engines I high recommend this seo automation software to any business owner or individual trying to build their business. It also helps you spend more time with your family, friends. So go on give the software a chance and watch it work its wonders for your business.



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Anthony Johnson is an Online Business and Marketing Coach with over 7yrs of Marketing exp. online in wordpress, analytics, facebook marketing, mlm, seo and much more. Also have a Degree in Computer Technology and a Certificate in Computer Service and Repair and is very passionate about helping Individuals and Small Business Owners Succeed by Growing your Business with Internet Marketing.


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