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Rank Tracker CloudKeeping track of my ranking with the New Rank Tracker just got a whole lot easier and convenient as a marketer. Tracking keywords is one of most enjoyable parts of doing search engine optimization.

Also I get to see exactly how my efforts are paying off and whether I need to do more social bookmark marketing, get more backlinks or more social signals without rank tracker this task would be very time consuming and take hours of waiting for data to come back checking all 3 major search engines for dozens of keywords.  Luckily Market Samurai has a FREE Trial Copy of Market Samurai that you can download today and started getting keyword ranking data much faster.

Oh and I almost for forgot to tell you that all your data now will be cloud based which will save you a lot of disk space on your hard drive as well and your data want be lost if your computer crashes all your data will not be lost ever because it is stored on Market Samurai Cloud and not on your computer.

Which is great If you are a serious internet marketer you know keeping track of your webpages ranking is one of the most important things you can do as a marketer and just knowing that your data is safe takes a lot of pressure off of you.

After using the new rank tracker it has become much more easier to check my rankings now than the older model of rank tracker sometimes I would find myself confused on how to check my rankings and get everything organize but now it is much easier for me to check my ratings and also with the new features I’m going to be getting a weekly reports of my campaigns done automatically.

What are the New Features in Rank Tracker

Automatically Updates Every Week: I always was a big fan of automation trying to do everything on your own is not a wise move in Internet Marketing this is why I’m so glad that Market Samurai has put rank tracker on autopilot with its Automatic Weekly Updates now every week you will be getting updates of all your campaigns each week and the day you chose without you having to do any extra work on your part.

Email Notifications: I must admit this is one of my favorite features of the new rank tracker you can now receive e-mail notifications when your ranking data is completed.  Having a notification like this was my mind at rest so I can focus more on my business life more important things like researching the keywords in writing more content.

And this is very useful when you are doing different strategies to ensure search engine rankings by having these notifications sent to me by e-mail I will always be notified to check my results after completing a new strategy with the week. Which basically means if I try 4 new strategy’s in a month I will know without a doubt which one to use base on my email notifications send every week.

A better User friendly Interface: Unlike the old Rank Tracker, which sometimes can be confusing to use and keep track of everything, the new Rank Trackers has a better user friendly interface makes analyzing your keyword rankings like child’s play.


Market Samurai existing members get 50 free Keyword to monitor with Rank Tracker

If you are already and existing members of Market Samurai just follow the same step-by-step process as the non-existing market samurai members below to receive your 50 free keywords plan and claim your 50% discount on all upgrade plans in the future.


What to do if you are not an existing member of market samurai

If you are not an existing market samurai customer you can download FREE Copy of Market Samurai for 12 days.  Then follow this step-step process to receive your 50 Free keyword that you can monitor with Rank tracker free of charge. Then make sure you have the latest update of market samurai.

Here is an diagram of what the Market Samurai Update should look like when updating your software

Market Samurai New Cloud Based Automatic Rank Tracker

Next after you have downloaded the new updates you need to start a project in Market Samurai.  Make sure you start the project that has you old rank tracker data.

Market Samurai Project


After choosing a recent project that has rank tracker data the next step is to click on the Rank Tracker Module after doing so you will come to a page that look like this.

New Rank Tracker


Click on the “Click Here to get started” button an your done you have active your new Rank Tracker account and lock in your free 50 keywords plan and claim your 50% discount on all upgrade plans if you wish to upgrade in the near future.

What will happen after Aug 3, Friday Midnight (PST)

After Aug 3, at Midnight (PST) you will not be able to get your 50 keyword plan it will be reduced to only 10 keyword and if you are not a member of Market Samurai you will pay double the price of the keyword plans I have listed below which also means you will lost on a 50% discount on all plans.

So that means if you decide that you want to upgrade or get started after Aug 3. And you select to upgrade to the yellow belt plan because you find out you need more keyword to track that you though before it will cost you $10/month instead of $5/month that a big different when you start to add this up yearly.

New Rank Tracker Data Plan Cost

New Rank Tracker Plans


Uploading your Rank Tracker Data to the Market Samurai Cloud

Changing Your Rank Tracker Plan in the future

Rank Tracker has an easy and convenient way to upgrade your Rank Tracker Plans in the upper right hand corner you will see a button to called “Change Plan” just click on the button if your ever need to upgrade to a higher plan it’s that easy. Right now I think they are using PayPal to receive payment which is a well-respected online payment company for during online business transactions.

Here is an image of how the Rank Tracker Plans looks

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Plans


Why you need to take action right now?

Remember this exclusive deal will only last until August 3, Friday Midnight (PST) so don’t waste another second and Download a FREE Copy of Market Samurai and active your updated Rank Tracker module today and get your 50% off discount on all upgrades plans.


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