TweetAdder 3.0 Review: Twitter Marketing Automation Software for Growing Your Business

TweetadderTweetadder 3.0 is without a doubt my favorite professional twitter automation software tools to use to get thousands of new followers on twitter and building relationships in real-time.  Many small business owners an entrepreneurs use this software to gain more targeted follows on twitter daily.  With twitter being one of the top social networks in the world with over 140,000,000 active users and 340,000,000 tweets per day these number probably have increased much higher.

The old way of getting followers one by one manually was too time consuming for me, I found it almost impossible to reach my goals in a timely manner by manually adding twitter follows and not to mention that they had to be targeted liked-minded follows also this created problems because I had to search thought each followers bio profile to make sure that they meet my criteria.

On top of that I had to follow each and every new user on twitter manually I also had to unfollow every twitter follow that was not following me back.   I spent hours trying to build a liked-minded community to get my messages out and share my ideas, and opportunities with others.

Then came alone TweetAdder 3.0 I’m not sure how I heard of it but I know that this was exactly what I was looking for to do my twitter marketing and grow my audience.

Tweetadder 3.0 Features

To Follow List

Profile Data Search – This could be one of the strongest user searches options on TweetAdder, in this search option you can search for user by their Bio.  One of my favorite searches is to search for keywords in the Bio like mlm, make money online these are common words used by everyday marketers use and I get thousands of new users on my follow list.

Location Search – You can search by geographic location anywhere around the world with keywords and typing in a city and/or state.  Also the min. Miles you can search is 25 and the max. Miles you can search is 1000 you should be able to find thousands of new customers with this kind of search ability.

Followers of a User – With this option you can input a user’s name and get a list of profiles following a particular user.  I must say that this is an unethical approach and I do not recommend doing this I think that there is a certain standard if you are doing business online.   TweetAdder is already a good enough tool that you should be able to find lots of followers without using this method.

Followed by a User – This option is similar to followers of a user but you obtain a list of profiles a user is following.

Twitter List – A list is a curated group of Twitter users. Let me explain that in a little more details let’s say you own a company and want to create a list of your social media employees profiles on twitter you could create a social media list to keep track of all their tweets in one place.

So a list can be very helpful in certain businesses or individuals with a large twitter followers it can get you organize and group certain people together so you don’t have to look thought some many tweets.  Tweetadder lets you sort thought a twitter users list and add them to your To follow List by doing this you would probably get a very targeted list if it meets your criteria.

For more information on Twitter Lists


Follow and Unfollow Users

Follower Users

Follow – This very basic option here all you have to do is type in the amount of twitter followers you want to follow usually I follow anywhere from 200 to 400 followers a day on older accounts, but if you are a beginner I would probably recommend around 50 followers a day.

Time Delay Between follows:  This is a very important setting what it does is this keeps you from looking like an automation software and more human like.   This will also keep your account from getting suspended or banned because there are twitter bots that track how fast you are following users.   If you are following to fast they will catch on to this quickly, I would set this to 2 to 8 seconds a follower

Automation Settings

Tweetadder Automation Settings







Unfollow Users

Everything with the unfollow users option is pretty much the same as the follow users except visa vera you unfollow users and you have the who to follow options.

Who to follow options

You have 3 options to choose from the who to follow options:

  1. Unfollow any nonreciprocal follows
  2. Unfollow nonreciprocal follows that were followed using Tweetadder
  3. Unfollow All follows (except whitelist)

If you are wondering what to keep your setting on just follow these setting below.

Tweetadder Who to unfollow



The tweets section allows you to import and export tweets or randomize the order of your tweets to twitter.  Tweet can also be put on automation. One other feature that is not talk about a lot with Tweetadder is you can upload MP3 files and add symbols to your tweet which will stand out.

Unique Tweets Generator

If you ever spun content then you might already know how to use the Tweet Generator


RSS Feed

Allow you to add your rss feed and it will post your post on twitter on automatically daily. Great for promoting old blog post but make sure you don’t add to many words because twitter only allows 140 characters.


Allow you to retweet any twitter users messages this might come in handle when you want to return the favor if someone retweets your tweets.  You also have the able to time your retweets so if you wanted to post retweets between 20 to 40 mins.  There is also a maximum amount of retweets options so you dont look Spam on twitter.


Thank You Message

Is great for promoting your business or building your band here are a few examples I use daily. Always try to add just a message and not a link.

Tweetadder Thank Your Direct Message


Other Messages

This is the how you can connect with you followers and build a relationships with them by communicating with direct messages. You can import messages that you have already written or you can export your messages if you can find other uses for them.  There is also a time delay options between every direct message you send to look more human and other options like send to Oldest Followers First, send to Newest Followers first, or send in a random order



Trends can be very helpful as a marketer when you are trying to find out what people are looking for or talking about at the moment.  Can be founded also on twitter for more information


Multiple Accounts

Tweetadder gives you the ability to add unlimited users accounts and run these accounts simultaneously which will boost your productivity, it’s like hiring a virtual assistant to handle your twitter marketing accounts ,but now all it takes is a few clicks of the bottom and you can run multiply accounts at a time on autopilot.


Activity Log

Keeping track of all your activities is a most when working with automation software you never know when a glitch in the system might happen and you didn’t even know it happen.

Tweetadder Activity Log



New Features Tweetadder 3.0 Pro Tools

Tweetadder New Pro Tools


There are two new features with TweetAdder 3.0 they are Private Proxies and Virtual Private Desktop / Virtual Private Server both features are very helpful addition if you have many twitter accounts or you prefer to work for anywhere.

Private Proxies –   Tweetadder has work with MyPrivateProxy to offer private proxies. Unfortunately Tweetadder doesn’t work with all private proxies and require some additional assistant some proxies block certain HTTP headers that Tweetadder needs to communicate with twitter.  But Tweetadder has work out these problems to make sure all the private proxies will work with MyPrivateProxy.

Virtual Private Desktop / Virtual Private Server –  After many suggestions from tweetadder users to have it in the clouds or a web-based version  running on a server is now available for customers  now you don’t have to run your computer all day and night on automation mode you can just let it run in the clouds. Plus you can access from any computer with an internet connection.


How to use TweetAdder for Business

Most small and local business owners or marketers purchase this professional twitter automation tool to get more clients, sales, or leads in their business to be more success and grow their business and profit on autopilot.

One of my strategies that I use if I’m searching for new clients to target on twitter is to find out everything I can about my customer.  So I will do as much researching as I can to know as much as I can about the client or customer.  Let’s look at some explains how to use TweetAdder for business

Local Business Owners

For explain let’s say you own a local Computer and Repair Shop in Atlanta GA and you are trying to get more local client to your business one way to do this with TweetAdder is to do a Location Search you can search with in a 1000 miles max. and 25 miles min. with what every city and state you enter with your keywords.

But makes sure you know your customs and what I mean by that is you should know what keywords they might have in their Bio or what they are tweeting about so you can target these keywords for max. Return on you searches of new clients also you may need to check out their wants and needs to do the right keyword research because the right keyword is everything when looking for new local customers.

This next explain will be for Online Business Owners and Ecommerce sites

Having an online business to me has its advantages you have the ability to have customers local and worldwide and you don’t have to have store hours you never close online.  In this online explain I want to stay on computers so this online business is going to be a computer repair supply store selling repair parts for computers.  So what is one of the best ways to use Tweetadder 3.0  to gain new customers to your online ecommerce store.

I currently get anywhere from 30 to 40 hits to any URL that I post on twitter at any given time, I know that I can do ten times better than this because I don’t really watch what time I’m posting a tweet I just tweet away.  There is a website called gives you the best time to tweet on twitter base on your tweets and your follower’s tweets.  Your first analysis is free up to a 1000 followers then the next analysis is a small fee.

But I don’t think any of this would be possible without the automate software tool that I use every day call Tweet adder this is one of my secret weapons that I use every day to get any way from 40 to 50 new followers on twitter daily.


Here is a screenshot of the results I’m getting in my email account now after using TweetAdder

Tweetadder Inbox Messages


Dos and Don’ts of automation on Tweetadder

The Don’ts’s of using automation is you shouldn’t use the automation feature of Tweet adder on everything is that it could get abusive and looks very inhuman to other twitter bots and you would give the impression that you are using an automation tool which would be very bad for your account because twitter could banned you twitter account for using an automation tool like Tweet adder.

The Do’s of using automation tools like Tweetadder is it saves you time and money especially if you have a lot of accounts.


Reaching the 2000 followers limit

Twitter has a rule on aggressive following other users on their platform if you reach 2000 followers on twitter and try to follow more users you are going to get an error message

To explain it in more details I just rip-off a section of Twitters Help Center page under the Following Rules and Best Practices so that you can understand what happens when you reach the 2000 followers limit.

Twitter 2000 Follow Rule


TweetAdder Purchase Options

Tweetadder also gives you flexibility when purchasing.  You have the ability to upgrade later if you need more users on your account. Here is a layout of what it will cost

1 Twitter Profile user    $55      click to try

5 Twitter Profile users   $74    click to try

10 Twitter Profile users $110  click to try

Best Deal on the Market

Unlimited Twitter Profile users for a one-time payment of $188  click to try

To me this is a great deal to get unlimited twitter followers for unlimited twitter profile users and never pay again even for the upgrades you get with the software are totally free of charge.

How to Upgrade your Tweetadder Profiles

When you first start Tweetadder you should see a screen like this one.  You should see I have the Registration button outline in red click that button to proceed to the upgrade Tweetadder license.

After proceeding you will come to a screen like this just click the Upgrade tweet Adder License button

Tweetadder Registration


Then you will be taken to  Here you can enter your Registration Code that was email to you when you first purchase Tweetadder the first time then purchase your upgrade option.

Also let me explain how the upgrade option works let’s say you purchase the 1 Twitter Profile user option for $55 then later now found out you need an additional 4 more profile users this is how you upgrade and only pay the difference in the upgraded profiles example:  would be you paid $55 for the 1profile then upgraded to 5 profiler which is $74 so you subtract the difference $74-$55 = $19



After reviewing this software I have to the conclusion that this is a great automation tool for anyone to use and I highly recommend it.  I’ve founded that after using Tweetadder for months now that I have contently increase my followers on twitter on a regular basis, and I was able to get sign ups and earn commissions also.

Tweetadder is an awesome professional automation software tool even for beginnings with its easy to learn user friendly interface.  For the advance marketers who are trying to increase their brand, services or products on twitter and build a large community this is the only tool you will need for you twitter marketing.  Also I might add that this makes a pretty good tool for local business owners looking for more clients. If you need assistance or new strategies to build your community up I would be more that glad to assist you and give you as much suggestion and tips to help you success online. By the way to don’t forget to follow me on twitter at


Additional Resources:

I have also found that these sites are very helpful when marketing on Twitter.  When the best time to tweet your message you might want to take a look at these site. Knowing when to tweet makes all the difference for your business. – Get your first analysis free for your account.


Alternative Resource:

None at the moment Tweetadder is #1 to me overall!!!  If you find something better post a comment and let everyone know about it.

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