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Articleranks 2.0 Submit NowArticleranks 2.0 is much like a blog network where people can submit articles to a on topic network of blogs and get backlinks to their site if the owner of the blog accepts the content also if you are a blog owner you can get targeted content free to add to your site this is a win win substation on both side.

Articleranks 2.0 has also made some great improvement to the site by adding social media sites to their network.  As we all should know now that Google and probably other search engines are now using social signals in their ranking algorithms to determine which pages are to rank the highest.  Having this option can really give you the edge you need to success all in one system.

Now you can also receive great content to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and much more sites, to me this is a step up in the right direction for getting content shared and helping more people get exposure to their content and generating more leads and sales in their business.


ArticleRanks 2.0 Memberships Plans

If you never used articleranks you should because they have 3 membership plans for you to choose from when joining articleranks system.  Here are the 3 membership plans you can choose from when signing up for the first time.

1. Free Account – You have access to articleranks distribution Network of Blogs. Also you can add your site of ftp logins information or email address and have social accounts added to receive free content.

In the free account you may only choose 1 top level category for free and additional category there is a fee.

You can also have 6 domains you can add to the articleranks system. There is some disadvantages of have a free account and that is low priority distributions which means that you would most likely be on the bottom list when receiving content for your sites.

Another disadvantage is that you have to earn credits by allowing other article members to post their content on your site with a backlink so you must have a dofollow blog or you can buy credits if you prefer.

If you buy credits from articleranks the minimum amount of credits you can purchase is 10 credits which will cost you $20 and it cost 2 credits for article publishing.  This also another cost with depending on which payment option you choose also.  There are at the moment two payment processors 2checkout they charges 5.5% at checkout and Skill (Moneybookers) they charge 2% at checkout.

2. Starter Monthly Account – Access to the distribution to Network of blogs.  You can add sites or ftp account logins, email addresses and social accounts to receive content for your site.

Get 1 top level category for free any additions will cost a small fee to add other categories.

Now you can add up to 10 domains to the articleranks system

As a starter monthly member the distribution of your articles can be by FTP, email or to social sites. There is no limit to the amount of articles you submit to the system plus you are getting better rankings and more traffic because of the extra distribution method on the starter account.

The price of the starter monthly member account is a price freeze guarantee at 39.99 a month which a great price to submit unlimited amounts of articles.

3. Pro Monthly AccountOnce again you get complete access to the distribution to the articleranks network of blogs.  You still have the option to add website, or you ftp account logins, email address and social accounts like facebook and twitter and much more to receive free content.

Distribution of your articles via FTP, email and social sites.

At this level you are also getting bookmarks (backlinks) built back to your articles which will help increase with the indexing of the articles.  Submission of articles are unlimited no need to worry about credits.

Pick 3 top level category for free unlike the free membership and starter membership which only allows 1 top level category.

Unlimited domains you can build backlinks too and priority distributions.

And a guarantee price freeze on your pro membership plan.



How to use ArticleRanks 2.0

If you are a beginner and just getting into article marketing articleranks is the place to start off with blog networks.  Articleranks is probably one of the easiest blog networks to use to me, first you are going to need to create an account with articleranks sense they have a free account I would suggest starting off with that account first unless you have many sites that need backlinks to them.

Once you have your account you want to hover over articles and just below click on Add Article.  You will come to a screen like the graph below here you will be adding your content or spin content.

Articleranks Article Submission


Next you need to choose your category this is one of the most important parts making sure your content goes to the most relevant blogs that are on your topic.

After picking the right category you need to pick which countries you want your content to be posted in normally I will do a search for English speaking countries here’s a link from Wikipedia this will help you to choose the right countries.

After picking the right countries you have the option to pick a date and time when your articles will be distributed.

Articleranks gives you the option to add a article save draft then spin your content with their in-house content spinner.  If you prefer not to use their spinner I would suggest taking a look at these content  spinner  tools like thebestspinner  Spinchimp, or spinrewriter.

But if you are short on time and just want to copy and paste spin articles into the system, I would check out these two services that are available and ultra spinnable articles.

There is a limit of only 3 contextual links inside your article so make sure every time you spin that article you are going to have 3 links placed inside of the article this is a mistake I made when I first started using articleranks some of my articles where being placed on sites with no links in the article rookie mistakes.

Making sure you have the right syntax this is one of the minor problems you might run into with articleranks they use the syntax {sentence 1~alternative sentence 1~alternative sentence 1}.  If you have ! and ? make sure they are inside of the syntax like !} this will save you a lot of headaches.

One of the most forgettable thing I always seen to forget is the tags make sure you add related tags.  Next Distribution Limit (zero/blank = unlimited) and if you have blogs added to the articleranks system make sure to check Do not publish this article on a site that I have submitted option then you check the option letting articleranks known that your are the legal owner of the article and your done.

Adding Youtube Videos

ArticleRanks Add Youtube Video

Go to YouTube to get your embed code paste it in the YouTube Video URL section then at a hyperlink code with your keyword in the YouTube Video Link Anchor Text section and you’re done.  Your YouTube video will show up at the top of your article centered with your anchor text just below it.  If you don’t exactly know how to create a good video check out video traffic academy.


Adding a site

Getting a site add to the articleranks system can be rewarding for you when you add a site articleranks gives you credits for each distribution on your site base on the PR of the site.  Articleranks gives you many options to accept content you can add a URL or you can add your FTP logins information or you can just add an email address and post the article on any site you want to. But before you add your site make sure you read the requirements first before you take that step forward.

ArticleRanks Add Site




ArticleRanks 2.0 Social Sites

Twitter and Facebook Integration is one more option you have to get free content send to your twitter and facebook accounts.  Facebook accounts users can also broadcast their messages on multiple users’ facebook profiles.

With twitter you can get specific and relevant content tailored to your twitter account needs.  Start getting daily free content updates to your twitter account that your followers will love.

Articleranks also supports popular web 2.0 sites  like multiply, livejournal, squidoo, linkagogo, tumblr, xango,,  and posterous.  As a reward you will receive 5 credits for adding your login information to articleranks system for every social site you add you can use these credits to add your own spun articles to the system to get backlinks to your site.

ArticleRanks Social Sites


ArticleRanks  2.0 Article and Site Statistics

On this graph the statistics tracks two types of data and gives you the results the first one is sites statistics this is if you have a website added to the system to receive articles.

ArticleRanks Articles And Sites Statistics



How many banklinks will you receive from a spun article?

According to articleranks research you should receive around 20-300 backlinks depending on which category you select and the number of categories you select will determine how many backlinks you receive from your submission.

ArticleRanks Cons

What I don’t like about articleranks is the syntax that they use I think it is very inconvenient for marketers to convert their spin article to a different syntax.  Doing this may cause some confusion and produce errors or mistakes while submitting articles.



I must say my experience with articleranks 2.0 has been a good one and I would recommended this blog network to any member trying to increase their ranks in the search engine.  In my past experience I was receiving about 50 – 60 backlinks per article submitted with just the Free membership account.  I have to say that is pretty good if you only paying $20.00 for 10 credits and it only cost you 2 credits to submit a spin article to their network of blogs.


Additional Information

Articleranks has launched a new site for social media sites called it’s an innovative system that can help you get the word out about whatever you want the world to know about you or your business.

It can be anything that you want to make known to the world like a brand, product or service. It works like this you add your social sites to the system then if you want to earn coins to use for other members to promote your message you just add other people, or tweet message etc… And you earn coins to promote your business or message or you can exchange unused coins for real cash.

This was just a sample of what this site can do for your business go try it out for yourself let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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