Branding Your Business with Radio Advertising


branding business with radio advertisingRadio advertising still to this day remains an effective means of promoting your product, service, or getting your brand name out to potential clients.
The very nature of radio means that the listener creates their own mental images as they listen. The most effective radio serials of the 1930s and 1940s held the attention of large audiences because they used sound and words to create an effective visual picture in the minds of the listeners.
Consider the following pros and cons when deciding if radio advertising is right for your business.
Lets start with cost which is one the most important thing to consider in a marketing budget according to it will cost between $300 and $1000 to produce the ad, including marketing strategy, copywriting, voice talent and any sound editing. But you might can get this cost down by using your negotiating skills and writing the copy for your ad or buying an ad bundle to run several times a day.

A positive feature in radio advertising also is that it can be relatively easy to create an ad by just creating a short paragraph of your most strongest points in your business that you offer and good discounts offered only thought the radio ads this will send a sense of urgency that can really make people take action and look to see if they are missing out on a product or service of need.

You may want to also check out dragon naturally speaking its a speech recognition software that allows you to easily speak naturally and instantly see your text show up on your document or email messages which can produce your ads 5x faster than typing and may also sound alot more naturally through out ad coming from directly as you think of you ad its being written down. Radio advertising can also reach a broad new clientele who have never hear of your business and are eagerly interested in learning more about what you can offer them.
Another great benefit over the air advertising is the huge listeners that a radio station can capture after working hours in their cars going home, timing can be everything in advertising so purchasing key time-slots on some radio stations can be the determination of success. Peak commute hours guarantee a large audience, but it comes at a price. It may be possible to negotiate a price break when purchasing multiple spots, but you have now committed your company to the station for the duration of the ad buy. Also, the ideal audience for your product might not be listening to the radio during less expensive time-slots.

There are some disadvantage when using radio advertising, and that it is not really targeted to a certain audience its just broadcast to who ever is listening to that station at the time of broadcast so your audience may not be entirely tuned into your commercial. There is no way of knowing what they are doing as your ad is being broadcasted. Increased sales maybe the only reliable indicator of a commercial’s success if you have a website make sure you have some kind of website analytics to tracking your website data you may then be able to track the start of the radio ad and see the increase in sales and if it works repeat and document when you see the most success.

Radio can be a cost-effective means of promoting your brand to a larger audience provided you research the various options available to you.

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