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About Powur

.What is Powur and why you should be interested in powur Powur was founded by Jonathan Budd in 2014 in San Diego California.

The company has one office is in Portland Oregon where the Powur technology team works developing our proprietary software and one in San Diego California where the marketing and operations team work from.

This has never been done by any other Company in the Network Marketing Industry to sell solar panels as an mlm.

What is Powur Mission and Vision

Powur goals is to put solar panels on 2 million homes by 2025 and pay powur advisors 2 billion dollars

By Join powur you will become part of ther greatest wealth transfer in history form dirty energy to producing clean energy with solar panels.

Is Powur Availabe in my area?

The fastest way to see if powur is available in your are is to enter in your zipcode by clicking getsolar to get the most current availability if solar providers are available in your area.

Powur at the time of this post is available in 25 states in the U.S. and expanding to more states that are getting onboard to solar energy.

How can I get a $0 down solar consultation

Solar Panels PowurFirst thing is to check to see if you are in a area for solar savings by clicking here getsolar if you are in the area you will get a message saying Congratulations, you ae in an area prime for solar savings

After qualifying fill out the form with your Name, Address, Phone number and best time to call

You will be put intouch with a expert solar Company by your powur advisor to get you started.

What are the solar eligibilities for solar panels?

There are a few eligibilities to place solar panels on homeowners roof

You need to have at least a income of $40,000/yr if you are married you can combine your income together


You cant have a lot of trees blocking the roof of your home or have a bad roof


Credit score around 650 or higher some will look at the home equity


To get the best results with solar your home should face south but it can face East and West just not north.


Is there enough room on your roof for the solar panels


If you meet these criteria there is high chance you can purchase solar panels at $0 down cost and start producing your own power right from the roof and eventually completely get off the grid of dirty energy.

There is also one other product you should ask your solar provider during the free consultation. There is a back up battery by LG or other provider that will be able to storge the power from your solar panels during the day hours for use during the night having these to systems in place and almost eliminate your electric bill altogether.

What are some of the benefits of going solar for a homeowner?

Powur customers can save $26,000 by adding solar system to their home



Homeowner can increase their home value by $20,000 by adding a median sized solar system


Homeowner can produce their own energy and decrease dependence on dirty energy like fossil fuels.



How can I become a Powur Advisor

You can join powur as a advsior by visiting powur advisor the cost is a one-time fee of $499.become a powur advisor the cost is a one-time fee of $499.

If you would like to add the powur press article marketing tool which are articles created by powur almost daily on topics like News, Business, Climate change, energy, entrepreneurship, personal development, politcs, solar and technology you can do so for 29.99 a month.

Members can promote their business though email, email, copy links and to site like facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

Adding the powur press article marketing tool also counts as 2 personal appointments towards your 5 personal appointments to qualify you as a certified powur advisor.

You can also join as a advocate which is free to join but you cannot build an organization or earn any type of passive income as a advocate of powur.

Powur Compensation Plan and Positions

Another common questions is when do you get paid with powur well occurring to powur you will receive payment weekly on all your weekly revenue if its monthly your will receive bonuses in monthly revenue like the 2,000 bonus you receive when you refer your 3 homeowners who completes an installation.

To gain a better understanding of Powur Compensation Plan Watch the Video below




There are 7 positions in powur and everyone must start as a independent powur advisor

Independent Powur Advisor – is the beginner stage where you start off when you join powur as a independent advisor.



Certified Advisor – you must complete the powur cerficiation course and refer 5 homeowners who complete a appointment if you purchased the powur press articles you only need 3 homowners appointments.


Senior Powur Advisor – you refer 10 homeowners who complete an appointment and your team (Grid) refers 25 homeowners who complete an appointment


National Powur Advisor – you refer 15 homeowners who complete an appointment and your team (Grid) refers 75 homeowners who complete an appointment


Executive Powur Advisor – you refer 2 homeowners who complete an Installation and your team (Grid) refers 250 homeowners who complete an appointment with no more than 50% from one line


Vice Presidental Powur Advisor – You refer 3 homeowners who complete an Installation and your team (Grid) refers 250 Installations with no more than 50% from one line


Presidental Powur Advisor – You refer 5 homeowners who complete an installation and your team (Grid) refers 750 Installatins with no more than 50% from one line



If you would like to join the team powur and catch the wealth transfer just click become advisor.

Still need more information on powur and how it can change your life forever you can contact me at

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