How to Solve the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error on DragonNaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5

Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5Today was a frustrating day I ran into a code error called HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW but I finally got DragonNaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5 back working again  its seems to be a common problem if you are running adobe flash on your computer.  Luckily DragonNaturallySpeaking has a great tech support and great articles to find answers to your problems.  I was able to find more information on this error code and figure out what to do to solve this problem quickly.

When you can figure out things on your own without speaking or chatting with an sales representative that is a very satisfying feeling. The problem started when I was trying to create some new content but was unable to get DragonNaturallySpeaking working.

Two of my programs were conflicting, it seems that Adobe shockwave was interfering with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I was unable to use the program.

I was able to correct this issue by disabling some add-ons I was so glad that I was able to fix this problem so quickly and also build my confidence up until the next problem comes my way.

Which I’m am sure that I will be able to conquer as long as I don’t give up. The point that I’m trying to get across is that you’re going to to be challenged when you’re  doing Internet marketing but you should look at those challenges as a way of improving your skills and building up your confidence.

You are always going to be running in to difficult problems but every time you run into a difficult problems it makes you even stronger and more knowledgeable about the subject so the next time when someone has the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW or a similar problem to yours you will have the experience and know-how to help that person solve that problem and make yourself look like an authority figure.


So now let’s get into how to solve the problem.




Here is an image of the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error that I was getting in Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I also have to add in that I’m using Windows 7 so if you’re using this operating system is more likely that it will work for you.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error code


And here are the steps that I take to solve the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW  problem if you ever run into this issue


First you want to disable the Protected Mode in Adobe X Reader

Go to Adobe Acrobat X. click Edit  > Preferences   then click on General Tab  scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Preferences page and make sure to uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode

Adobe Reader X Preferences



After unchecking the “Enable Protected Mode at startup you are going to get a message like this:

Caution: Disabling the Protected Mode at startup should solve the problem with the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error.  But you may also have some problems watching YouTube and Vimeo videos  and reading certain document content.

If you have this problem, you should remove Adobe Reader X and install an older version of Adobe Reader .

Adobe Reader X confirmation



Make sure to click “Yes” and restart Adobe Reader Application


Next Step:  Is disabling adobe flash on your web browsers to make sure the problem is solve make sure its (version 11.3.300.257) before you proceed.



How to Disable Adobe Flash Plugin in FireFox

Click on FireFox Tab go to the menu and click on “Add-ons > Plugins”. Choose the “Shockwave Flash” plugin (version 11.3.300.257) and click on “Disable” when you do so it will change to enable but it is disable and you will know this because the word disable will be in parentheses like so (disable) .  After doing so click close and restart FireFox.

Firefox Plugins


How to Disable Adobe Flash Plugin in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Manage add-ons >        Choose the “Shockwave Flash” plugin and select “Disable”.  Make sure that Toolbars and Extensions is selected in the Add-ons column then scroll down to Adobe Systems Incorporated.  After doing so close and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Add ons




What I hope this article was useful and has solved your problem with the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error   if this article has been helpful make sure to leave a comment and suggestions if I have left anything out.  If you think disabling your adobe flash is a problem you can also try to use a previous version of adobe flash here is the website for more information  If for some reason this does not work you can always uninstall  Adobe Flash.




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  • aj

    December 31, 2012

    Thank you. My support from Nuance had expired but your article carried the day. I however found “preferences” under the “edit” tab instead of the “file” tab.

  • roderick read

    January 21, 2013

    These Adobe technologies are key components of web experiences. Surely there is a better way to fix this than disabling the functionality of other programs.

  • Sarah Reintges

    March 23, 2013

    Now tell me this. Why should I have to go to all that trouble, causing problems with other programs, to try to fix a problem Dragon has? I hate this thing, I’ve had it over a year and every time I resolve to figure it out so I can use it, I come to the same conclusion. It sucks. I wasted my money and will advise anyone thinking of getting Dragon to FORGET IT.

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