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Creating Viral Video Marketing for Small businesses

Viral Video MarketingViral Video marketing is a very widely used form of promotion that can be very effective when used appropriately.

Video Marketing has been in existence for some time now in the shape of television advertisements, the first official tv ad was for the Bulova watches it was actually broadcast in America on July 1, 1941 on the New York station WNBT, the company paid anywhere from $4.00 to $9.00 to have it broadcast.



Viral Video marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to market on the internet, and if done adequately , it can create a huge and responsive audience to any business.


3 Viral Video Marketing Requirements


Viral Video Marketing Message

In its most straightforward form, viral video marketing is the technique of creating a promotional video for and uploading it to the web. One of the first things I would personally do before I even make the video is brainstorming tons of useful ideas what you would like to write on then writing up a script for those ideas broken down in sections to make it easier to manage your content. Striving to write the complete script at one time can be very hard and painful to write.


The overall objective of any video marketing campaign is to create a potential clients. Viral videos usually contain some kind of fantastic or entertaining content that captures the viewers interest in a way that they are compelled to show off the content to others that will also enjoy the video. One popular explain of this is when the 2012 single drop Gangnam Style by Park Jae-sang better know as Psy who is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper who’s single had one billion views in five months. Most of us all still remember that song and dance Gangnam Style.


This is known as “viral video” the viral strategy of spreading the video through video sharing sites, social media like facebook and emails. Internet marketers hope that this will result in an improved reputation for their brand and an increased amount of sales. And with more than half of YouTube views coming from mobile devices the position of your videos on your website could make your business succeed like you never seen before on the web.


Viral Video Marketing Messenger

After you have your topics and a few good ideas created out now you can write on each topic probably about 3 to 4 articles a topic and in no time you should be moving toward making your video and letting that next messenger see what you created. Viral Video messengers love to promote  creative material  that will go viral so they can share with there friends and family or for their products or services.


So what are so good messengers for a viral video well it is said that having teen females is one of the fastest way for a creative material to go viral becasuse of there huge network of teen friends. Having just one of your video to spread in this manner is usually one of the best cost-effective method of advertising and gaining exposure to your small business completely free of charge on a platform like Youtube that is presently reaching more people between 18-49 yrs-olds than most cable network.


Viral Video Marketing Placement and Timing


The last step is placement where do I place my finish video to show the world well if you think that you have construct a great video clip for your audience where do you put the video clip at do you place it on your website, do place it on video sharing site or do you just keep it.  This is an issue for some video marketing entrepreneur’s simply because they want the most people possible looking at their videos. My strategies is go with the most popular video websites such as YouTube with over one billion registered users and generate billions of views. But always reminder you want your content to be relevant to what is going on in the present time so that most people can relate to what you have created.


Then if you have some time you can brake up your online videos into smaller videos for online sites like vine. Carry out this and you will start receiving massive amounts of daily traffic . This can amount to a substantial amount of exposure to the services you provide or product. Marketing experts hope that their online videos will be viewed by many people, some of whom may be potential customers is the goal.


Articleranks 2.0 Review

Articleranks 2.0 Submit NowArticleranks 2.0 is much like a blog network where people can submit articles to a on topic network of blogs and get backlinks to their site if the owner of the blog accepts the content also if you are a blog owner you can get targeted content free to add to your site this is a win win substation on both side.

Articleranks 2.0 has also made some great improvement to the site by adding social media sites to their network.  As we all should know now that Google and probably other search engines are now using social signals in their ranking algorithms to determine which pages are to rank the highest.  Having this option can really give you the edge you need to success all in one system.

Now you can also receive great content to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter and much more sites, to me this is a step up in the right direction for getting content shared and helping more people get exposure to their content and generating more leads and sales in their business.


ArticleRanks 2.0 Memberships Plans

If you never used articleranks you should because they have 3 membership plans for you to choose from when joining articleranks system.  Here are the 3 membership plans you can choose from when signing up for the first time.

1. Free Account – You have access to articleranks distribution Network of Blogs. Also you can add your site of ftp logins information or email address and have social accounts added to receive free content.

In the free account you may only choose 1 top level category for free and additional category there is a fee.

You can also have 6 domains you can add to the articleranks system. There is some disadvantages of have a free account and that is low priority distributions which means that you would most likely be on the bottom list when receiving content for your sites.

Another disadvantage is that you have to earn credits by allowing other article members to post their content on your site with a backlink so you must have a dofollow blog or you can buy credits if you prefer.

If you buy credits from articleranks the minimum amount of credits you can purchase is 10 credits which will cost you $20 and it cost 2 credits for article publishing.  This also another cost with depending on which payment option you choose also.  There are at the moment two payment processors 2checkout they charges 5.5% at checkout and Skill (Moneybookers) they charge 2% at checkout.

2. Starter Monthly Account – Access to the distribution to Network of blogs.  You can add sites or ftp account logins, email addresses and social accounts to receive content for your site.

Get 1 top level category for free any additions will cost a small fee to add other categories.

Now you can add up to 10 domains to the articleranks system

As a starter monthly member the distribution of your articles can be by FTP, email or to social sites. There is no limit to the amount of articles you submit to the system plus you are getting better rankings and more traffic because of the extra distribution method on the starter account.

The price of the starter monthly member account is a price freeze guarantee at 39.99 a month which a great price to submit unlimited amounts of articles.

3. Pro Monthly AccountOnce again you get complete access to the distribution to the articleranks network of blogs.  You still have the option to add website, or you ftp account logins, email address and social accounts like facebook and twitter and much more to receive free content.

Distribution of your articles via FTP, email and social sites.

At this level you are also getting bookmarks (backlinks) built back to your articles which will help increase with the indexing of the articles.  Submission of articles are unlimited no need to worry about credits.

Pick 3 top level category for free unlike the free membership and starter membership which only allows 1 top level category.

Unlimited domains you can build backlinks too and priority distributions.

And a guarantee price freeze on your pro membership plan.



How to use ArticleRanks 2.0

If you are a beginner and just getting into article marketing articleranks is the place to start off with blog networks.  Articleranks is probably one of the easiest blog networks to use to me, first you are going to need to create an account with articleranks sense they have a free account I would suggest starting off with that account first unless you have many sites that need backlinks to them.

Once you have your account you want to hover over articles and just below click on Add Article.  You will come to a screen like the graph below here you will be adding your content or spin content.

Articleranks Article Submission


Next you need to choose your category this is one of the most important parts making sure your content goes to the most relevant blogs that are on your topic.

After picking the right category you need to pick which countries you want your content to be posted in normally I will do a search for English speaking countries here’s a link from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_where_English_is_an_official_language this will help you to choose the right countries.

After picking the right countries you have the option to pick a date and time when your articles will be distributed.

Articleranks gives you the option to add a article save draft then spin your content with their in-house content spinner.  If you prefer not to use their spinner I would suggest taking a look at these content  spinner  tools like thebestspinner  Spinchimp, or spinrewriter.

But if you are short on time and just want to copy and paste spin articles into the system, I would check out these two services that are available articlebuilder.net and ultra spinnable articles.

There is a limit of only 3 contextual links inside your article so make sure every time you spin that article you are going to have 3 links placed inside of the article this is a mistake I made when I first started using articleranks some of my articles where being placed on sites with no links in the article rookie mistakes.

Making sure you have the right syntax this is one of the minor problems you might run into with articleranks they use the syntax {sentence 1~alternative sentence 1~alternative sentence 1}.  If you have ! and ? make sure they are inside of the syntax like !} this will save you a lot of headaches.

One of the most forgettable thing I always seen to forget is the tags make sure you add related tags.  Next Distribution Limit (zero/blank = unlimited) and if you have blogs added to the articleranks system make sure to check Do not publish this article on a site that I have submitted option then you check the option letting articleranks known that your are the legal owner of the article and your done.

Adding Youtube Videos

ArticleRanks Add Youtube Video

Go to YouTube to get your embed code paste it in the YouTube Video URL section then at a hyperlink code with your keyword in the YouTube Video Link Anchor Text section and you’re done.  Your YouTube video will show up at the top of your article centered with your anchor text just below it.  If you don’t exactly know how to create a good video check out video traffic academy.


Adding a site

Getting a site add to the articleranks system can be rewarding for you when you add a site articleranks gives you credits for each distribution on your site base on the PR of the site.  Articleranks gives you many options to accept content you can add a URL or you can add your FTP logins information or you can just add an email address and post the article on any site you want to. But before you add your site make sure you read the requirements first before you take that step forward.

ArticleRanks Add Site




ArticleRanks 2.0 Social Sites

Twitter and Facebook Integration is one more option you have to get free content send to your twitter and facebook accounts.  Facebook accounts users can also broadcast their messages on multiple users’ facebook profiles.

With twitter you can get specific and relevant content tailored to your twitter account needs.  Start getting daily free content updates to your twitter account that your followers will love.

Articleranks also supports popular web 2.0 sites  like multiply, livejournal, squidoo, linkagogo, tumblr, xango, soup.io,  and posterous.  As a reward you will receive 5 credits for adding your login information to articleranks system for every social site you add you can use these credits to add your own spun articles to the system to get backlinks to your site.

ArticleRanks Social Sites


ArticleRanks  2.0 Article and Site Statistics

On this graph the statistics tracks two types of data and gives you the results the first one is sites statistics this is if you have a website added to the system to receive articles.

ArticleRanks Articles And Sites Statistics



How many banklinks will you receive from a spun article?

According to articleranks research you should receive around 20-300 backlinks depending on which category you select and the number of categories you select will determine how many backlinks you receive from your submission.

ArticleRanks Cons

What I don’t like about articleranks is the syntax that they use I think it is very inconvenient for marketers to convert their spin article to a different syntax.  Doing this may cause some confusion and produce errors or mistakes while submitting articles.



I must say my experience with articleranks 2.0 has been a good one and I would recommended this blog network to any member trying to increase their ranks in the search engine.  In my past experience I was receiving about 50 – 60 backlinks per article submitted with just the Free membership account.  I have to say that is pretty good if you only paying $20.00 for 10 credits and it only cost you 2 credits to submit a spin article to their network of blogs.


Additional Information

Articleranks has launched a new site for social media sites called socialsharer.com it’s an innovative system that can help you get the word out about whatever you want the world to know about you or your business.

It can be anything that you want to make known to the world like a brand, product or service. It works like this you add your social sites to the system then if you want to earn coins to use for other members to promote your message you just add other people, or tweet message etc… And you earn coins to promote your business or message or you can exchange unused coins for real cash.

This was just a sample of what this site can do for your business go try it out for yourself let me know what you think of it in the comment section below.

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TweetadderTweetadder 3.0 is without a doubt my favorite professional twitter automation software tools to use to get thousands of new followers on twitter and building relationships in real-time.  Many small business owners an entrepreneurs use this software to gain more targeted follows on twitter daily.  With twitter being one of the top social networks in the world with over 140,000,000 active users and 340,000,000 tweets per day these number probably have increased much higher.

The old way of getting followers one by one manually was too time consuming for me, I found it almost impossible to reach my goals in a timely manner by manually adding twitter follows and not to mention that they had to be targeted liked-minded follows also this created problems because I had to search thought each followers bio profile to make sure that they meet my criteria.

On top of that I had to follow each and every new user on twitter manually I also had to unfollow every twitter follow that was not following me back.   I spent hours trying to build a liked-minded community to get my messages out and share my ideas, and opportunities with others.

Then came alone TweetAdder 3.0 I’m not sure how I heard of it but I know that this was exactly what I was looking for to do my twitter marketing and grow my audience.

Tweetadder 3.0 Features

To Follow List

Profile Data Search – This could be one of the strongest user searches options on TweetAdder, in this search option you can search for user by their Bio.  One of my favorite searches is to search for keywords in the Bio like mlm, make money online these are common words used by everyday marketers use and I get thousands of new users on my follow list.

Location Search – You can search by geographic location anywhere around the world with keywords and typing in a city and/or state.  Also the min. Miles you can search is 25 and the max. Miles you can search is 1000 you should be able to find thousands of new customers with this kind of search ability.

Followers of a User – With this option you can input a user’s name and get a list of profiles following a particular user.  I must say that this is an unethical approach and I do not recommend doing this I think that there is a certain standard if you are doing business online.   TweetAdder is already a good enough tool that you should be able to find lots of followers without using this method.

Followed by a User – This option is similar to followers of a user but you obtain a list of profiles a user is following.

Twitter List – A list is a curated group of Twitter users. Let me explain that in a little more details let’s say you own a company and want to create a list of your social media employees profiles on twitter you could create a social media list to keep track of all their tweets in one place.

So a list can be very helpful in certain businesses or individuals with a large twitter followers it can get you organize and group certain people together so you don’t have to look thought some many tweets.  Tweetadder lets you sort thought a twitter users list and add them to your To follow List by doing this you would probably get a very targeted list if it meets your criteria.

For more information on Twitter Lists https://support.twitter.com/articles/76460-how-to-use-twitter-lists#


Follow and Unfollow Users

Follower Users

Follow – This very basic option here all you have to do is type in the amount of twitter followers you want to follow usually I follow anywhere from 200 to 400 followers a day on older accounts, but if you are a beginner I would probably recommend around 50 followers a day.

Time Delay Between follows:  This is a very important setting what it does is this keeps you from looking like an automation software and more human like.   This will also keep your account from getting suspended or banned because there are twitter bots that track how fast you are following users.   If you are following to fast they will catch on to this quickly, I would set this to 2 to 8 seconds a follower

Automation Settings

Tweetadder Automation Settings







Unfollow Users

Everything with the unfollow users option is pretty much the same as the follow users except visa vera you unfollow users and you have the who to follow options.

Who to follow options

You have 3 options to choose from the who to follow options:

  1. Unfollow any nonreciprocal follows
  2. Unfollow nonreciprocal follows that were followed using Tweetadder
  3. Unfollow All follows (except whitelist)

If you are wondering what to keep your setting on just follow these setting below.

Tweetadder Who to unfollow



The tweets section allows you to import and export tweets or randomize the order of your tweets to twitter.  Tweet can also be put on automation. One other feature that is not talk about a lot with Tweetadder is you can upload MP3 files and add symbols to your tweet which will stand out.

Unique Tweets Generator

If you ever spun content then you might already know how to use the Tweet Generator


RSS Feed

Allow you to add your rss feed and it will post your post on twitter on automatically daily. Great for promoting old blog post but make sure you don’t add to many words because twitter only allows 140 characters.


Allow you to retweet any twitter users messages this might come in handle when you want to return the favor if someone retweets your tweets.  You also have the able to time your retweets so if you wanted to post retweets between 20 to 40 mins.  There is also a maximum amount of retweets options so you dont look Spam on twitter.


Thank You Message

Is great for promoting your business or building your band here are a few examples I use daily. Always try to add just a message and not a link.

Tweetadder Thank Your Direct Message


Other Messages

This is the how you can connect with you followers and build a relationships with them by communicating with direct messages. You can import messages that you have already written or you can export your messages if you can find other uses for them.  There is also a time delay options between every direct message you send to look more human and other options like send to Oldest Followers First, send to Newest Followers first, or send in a random order



Trends can be very helpful as a marketer when you are trying to find out what people are looking for or talking about at the moment.  Can be founded also on twitter for more information https://support.twitter.com/articles/101125-about-trends#


Multiple Accounts

Tweetadder gives you the ability to add unlimited users accounts and run these accounts simultaneously which will boost your productivity, it’s like hiring a virtual assistant to handle your twitter marketing accounts ,but now all it takes is a few clicks of the bottom and you can run multiply accounts at a time on autopilot.


Activity Log

Keeping track of all your activities is a most when working with automation software you never know when a glitch in the system might happen and you didn’t even know it happen.

Tweetadder Activity Log



New Features Tweetadder 3.0 Pro Tools

Tweetadder New Pro Tools


There are two new features with TweetAdder 3.0 they are Private Proxies and Virtual Private Desktop / Virtual Private Server both features are very helpful addition if you have many twitter accounts or you prefer to work for anywhere.

Private Proxies –   Tweetadder has work with MyPrivateProxy to offer private proxies. Unfortunately Tweetadder doesn’t work with all private proxies and require some additional assistant some proxies block certain HTTP headers that Tweetadder needs to communicate with twitter.  But Tweetadder has work out these problems to make sure all the private proxies will work with MyPrivateProxy.

Virtual Private Desktop / Virtual Private Server –  After many suggestions from tweetadder users to have it in the clouds or a web-based version  running on a server is now available for customers  now you don’t have to run your computer all day and night on automation mode you can just let it run in the clouds. Plus you can access from any computer with an internet connection.


How to use TweetAdder for Business

Most small and local business owners or marketers purchase this professional twitter automation tool to get more clients, sales, or leads in their business to be more success and grow their business and profit on autopilot.

One of my strategies that I use if I’m searching for new clients to target on twitter is to find out everything I can about my customer.  So I will do as much researching as I can to know as much as I can about the client or customer.  Let’s look at some explains how to use TweetAdder for business

Local Business Owners

For explain let’s say you own a local Computer and Repair Shop in Atlanta GA and you are trying to get more local client to your business one way to do this with TweetAdder is to do a Location Search you can search with in a 1000 miles max. and 25 miles min. with what every city and state you enter with your keywords.

But makes sure you know your customs and what I mean by that is you should know what keywords they might have in their Bio or what they are tweeting about so you can target these keywords for max. Return on you searches of new clients also you may need to check out their wants and needs to do the right keyword research because the right keyword is everything when looking for new local customers.

This next explain will be for Online Business Owners and Ecommerce sites

Having an online business to me has its advantages you have the ability to have customers local and worldwide and you don’t have to have store hours you never close online.  In this online explain I want to stay on computers so this online business is going to be a computer repair supply store selling repair parts for computers.  So what is one of the best ways to use Tweetadder 3.0  to gain new customers to your online ecommerce store.

I currently get anywhere from 30 to 40 hits to any URL that I post on twitter at any given time, I know that I can do ten times better than this because I don’t really watch what time I’m posting a tweet I just tweet away.  There is a website called Tweriod.com gives you the best time to tweet on twitter base on your tweets and your follower’s tweets.  Your first analysis is free up to a 1000 followers then the next analysis is a small fee.

But I don’t think any of this would be possible without the automate software tool that I use every day call Tweet adder this is one of my secret weapons that I use every day to get any way from 40 to 50 new followers on twitter daily.


Here is a screenshot of the results I’m getting in my email account now after using TweetAdder

Tweetadder Inbox Messages


Dos and Don’ts of automation on Tweetadder

The Don’ts’s of using automation is you shouldn’t use the automation feature of Tweet adder on everything is that it could get abusive and looks very inhuman to other twitter bots and you would give the impression that you are using an automation tool which would be very bad for your account because twitter could banned you twitter account for using an automation tool like Tweet adder.

The Do’s of using automation tools like Tweetadder is it saves you time and money especially if you have a lot of accounts.


Reaching the 2000 followers limit

Twitter has a rule on aggressive following other users on their platform if you reach 2000 followers on twitter and try to follow more users you are going to get an error message

To explain it in more details I just rip-off a section of Twitters Help Center page under the Following Rules and Best Practices so that you can understand what happens when you reach the 2000 followers limit.

Twitter 2000 Follow Rule


TweetAdder Purchase Options

Tweetadder also gives you flexibility when purchasing.  You have the ability to upgrade later if you need more users on your account. Here is a layout of what it will cost

1 Twitter Profile user    $55      click to try

5 Twitter Profile users   $74    click to try

10 Twitter Profile users $110  click to try

Best Deal on the Market

Unlimited Twitter Profile users for a one-time payment of $188  click to try

To me this is a great deal to get unlimited twitter followers for unlimited twitter profile users and never pay again even for the upgrades you get with the software are totally free of charge.

How to Upgrade your Tweetadder Profiles

When you first start Tweetadder you should see a screen like this one.  You should see I have the Registration button outline in red click that button to proceed to the upgrade Tweetadder license.

After proceeding you will come to a screen like this just click the Upgrade tweet Adder License button

Tweetadder Registration


Then you will be taken to http://www.tweetadder.com/upgrade  Here you can enter your Registration Code that was email to you when you first purchase Tweetadder the first time then purchase your upgrade option.

Also let me explain how the upgrade option works let’s say you purchase the 1 Twitter Profile user option for $55 then later now found out you need an additional 4 more profile users this is how you upgrade and only pay the difference in the upgraded profiles example:  would be you paid $55 for the 1profile then upgraded to 5 profiler which is $74 so you subtract the difference $74-$55 = $19



After reviewing this software I have to the conclusion that this is a great automation tool for anyone to use and I highly recommend it.  I’ve founded that after using Tweetadder for months now that I have contently increase my followers on twitter on a regular basis, and I was able to get sign ups and earn commissions also.

Tweetadder is an awesome professional automation software tool even for beginnings with its easy to learn user friendly interface.  For the advance marketers who are trying to increase their brand, services or products on twitter and build a large community this is the only tool you will need for you twitter marketing.  Also I might add that this makes a pretty good tool for local business owners looking for more clients. If you need assistance or new strategies to build your community up I would be more that glad to assist you and give you as much suggestion and tips to help you success online. By the way to don’t forget to follow me on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/asksaj


Additional Resources:

I have also found that these sites are very helpful when marketing on Twitter.  When the best time to tweet your message you might want to take a look at these site. Knowing when to tweet makes all the difference for your business.

Tweriod.com – Get your first analysis free for your account.


Alternative Resource:

None at the moment Tweetadder is #1 to me overall!!!  If you find something better post a comment and let everyone know about it.


Market Samurai – New Rank Tracker Software Update

Rank Tracker CloudKeeping track of my ranking with the New Rank Tracker just got a whole lot easier and convenient as a marketer. Tracking keywords is one of most enjoyable parts of doing search engine optimization.

Also I get to see exactly how my efforts are paying off and whether I need to do more social bookmark marketing, get more backlinks or more social signals without rank tracker this task would be very time consuming and take hours of waiting for data to come back checking all 3 major search engines for dozens of keywords.  Luckily Market Samurai has a FREE Trial Copy of Market Samurai that you can download today and started getting keyword ranking data much faster.

Oh and I almost for forgot to tell you that all your data now will be cloud based which will save you a lot of disk space on your hard drive as well and your data want be lost if your computer crashes all your data will not be lost ever because it is stored on Market Samurai Cloud and not on your computer.

Which is great If you are a serious internet marketer you know keeping track of your webpages ranking is one of the most important things you can do as a marketer and just knowing that your data is safe takes a lot of pressure off of you.

After using the new rank tracker it has become much more easier to check my rankings now than the older model of rank tracker sometimes I would find myself confused on how to check my rankings and get everything organize but now it is much easier for me to check my ratings and also with the new features I’m going to be getting a weekly reports of my campaigns done automatically.

What are the New Features in Rank Tracker

Automatically Updates Every Week: I always was a big fan of automation trying to do everything on your own is not a wise move in Internet Marketing this is why I’m so glad that Market Samurai has put rank tracker on autopilot with its Automatic Weekly Updates now every week you will be getting updates of all your campaigns each week and the day you chose without you having to do any extra work on your part.

Email Notifications: I must admit this is one of my favorite features of the new rank tracker you can now receive e-mail notifications when your ranking data is completed.  Having a notification like this was my mind at rest so I can focus more on my business life more important things like researching the keywords in writing more content.

And this is very useful when you are doing different strategies to ensure search engine rankings by having these notifications sent to me by e-mail I will always be notified to check my results after completing a new strategy with the week. Which basically means if I try 4 new strategy’s in a month I will know without a doubt which one to use base on my email notifications send every week.

A better User friendly Interface: Unlike the old Rank Tracker, which sometimes can be confusing to use and keep track of everything, the new Rank Trackers has a better user friendly interface makes analyzing your keyword rankings like child’s play.


Market Samurai existing members get 50 free Keyword to monitor with Rank Tracker

If you are already and existing members of Market Samurai just follow the same step-by-step process as the non-existing market samurai members below to receive your 50 free keywords plan and claim your 50% discount on all upgrade plans in the future.


What to do if you are not an existing member of market samurai

If you are not an existing market samurai customer you can download FREE Copy of Market Samurai for 12 days.  Then follow this step-step process to receive your 50 Free keyword that you can monitor with Rank tracker free of charge. Then make sure you have the latest update of market samurai.

Here is an diagram of what the Market Samurai Update should look like when updating your software

Market Samurai New Cloud Based Automatic Rank Tracker

Next after you have downloaded the new updates you need to start a project in Market Samurai.  Make sure you start the project that has you old rank tracker data.

Market Samurai Project


After choosing a recent project that has rank tracker data the next step is to click on the Rank Tracker Module after doing so you will come to a page that look like this.

New Rank Tracker


Click on the “Click Here to get started” button an your done you have active your new Rank Tracker account and lock in your free 50 keywords plan and claim your 50% discount on all upgrade plans if you wish to upgrade in the near future.

What will happen after Aug 3, Friday Midnight (PST)

After Aug 3, at Midnight (PST) you will not be able to get your 50 keyword plan it will be reduced to only 10 keyword and if you are not a member of Market Samurai you will pay double the price of the keyword plans I have listed below which also means you will lost on a 50% discount on all plans.

So that means if you decide that you want to upgrade or get started after Aug 3. And you select to upgrade to the yellow belt plan because you find out you need more keyword to track that you though before it will cost you $10/month instead of $5/month that a big different when you start to add this up yearly.

New Rank Tracker Data Plan Cost

New Rank Tracker Plans


Uploading your Rank Tracker Data to the Market Samurai Cloud

Changing Your Rank Tracker Plan in the future

Rank Tracker has an easy and convenient way to upgrade your Rank Tracker Plans in the upper right hand corner you will see a button to called “Change Plan” just click on the button if your ever need to upgrade to a higher plan it’s that easy. Right now I think they are using PayPal to receive payment which is a well-respected online payment company for during online business transactions.

Here is an image of how the Rank Tracker Plans looks

Market Samurai Rank Tracker Plans


Why you need to take action right now?

Remember this exclusive deal will only last until August 3, Friday Midnight (PST) so don’t waste another second and Download a FREE Copy of Market Samurai and active your updated Rank Tracker module today and get your 50% off discount on all upgrades plans.


Alternative Resources:

Link-Assistant Rank Tracker


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Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 PremiumToday was a frustrating day I ran into a code error called HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW but I finally got DragonNaturallySpeaking Premium 11.5 back working again  its seems to be a common problem if you are running adobe flash on your computer.  Luckily DragonNaturallySpeaking has a great tech support and great articles to find answers to your problems.  I was able to find more information on this error code and figure out what to do to solve this problem quickly.

When you can figure out things on your own without speaking or chatting with an sales representative that is a very satisfying feeling. The problem started when I was trying to create some new content but was unable to get DragonNaturallySpeaking working.

Two of my programs were conflicting, it seems that Adobe shockwave was interfering with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I was unable to use the program.

I was able to correct this issue by disabling some add-ons I was so glad that I was able to fix this problem so quickly and also build my confidence up until the next problem comes my way.

Which I’m am sure that I will be able to conquer as long as I don’t give up. The point that I’m trying to get across is that you’re going to to be challenged when you’re  doing Internet marketing but you should look at those challenges as a way of improving your skills and building up your confidence.

You are always going to be running in to difficult problems but every time you run into a difficult problems it makes you even stronger and more knowledgeable about the subject so the next time when someone has the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW or a similar problem to yours you will have the experience and know-how to help that person solve that problem and make yourself look like an authority figure.


So now let’s get into how to solve the problem.




Here is an image of the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error that I was getting in Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I also have to add in that I’m using Windows 7 so if you’re using this operating system is more likely that it will work for you.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error code


And here are the steps that I take to solve the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW  problem if you ever run into this issue


First you want to disable the Protected Mode in Adobe X Reader

Go to Adobe Acrobat X. click Edit  > Preferences   then click on General Tab  scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Preferences page and make sure to uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode

Adobe Reader X Preferences



After unchecking the “Enable Protected Mode at startup you are going to get a message like this:

Caution: Disabling the Protected Mode at startup should solve the problem with the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error.  But you may also have some problems watching YouTube and Vimeo videos  and reading certain document content.

If you have this problem, you should remove Adobe Reader X and install an older version of Adobe Reader .

Adobe Reader X confirmation



Make sure to click “Yes” and restart Adobe Reader Application


Next Step:  Is disabling adobe flash on your web browsers to make sure the problem is solve make sure its (version 11.3.300.257) before you proceed.



How to Disable Adobe Flash Plugin in FireFox

Click on FireFox Tab go to the menu and click on “Add-ons > Plugins”. Choose the “Shockwave Flash” plugin (version 11.3.300.257) and click on “Disable” when you do so it will change to enable but it is disable and you will know this because the word disable will be in parentheses like so (disable) .  After doing so click close and restart FireFox.

Firefox Plugins


How to Disable Adobe Flash Plugin in Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and go to “Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Manage add-ons >        Choose the “Shockwave Flash” plugin and select “Disable”.  Make sure that Toolbars and Extensions is selected in the Add-ons column then scroll down to Adobe Systems Incorporated.  After doing so close and restart Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer Add ons




What I hope this article was useful and has solved your problem with the HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW error   if this article has been helpful make sure to leave a comment and suggestions if I have left anything out.  If you think disabling your adobe flash is a problem you can also try to use a previous version of adobe flash here is the website for more information http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html.  If for some reason this does not work you can always uninstall  Adobe Flash.





Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5Content creation has always been a difficult task for most marketers constantly trying to creating unique content daily or weekly can get very difficult, so I started to look for a solution to help produce more content and in my quest I found a great solution and it was Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  Dragon 11.5 Premium – is an update of Nuance’s Dragon 11 – some of the new features are powerful new voice commands, faster performance and improved accuracy. Dragon 11.5 also supports the latest operating systems and new applications.

It incorporates usability enhancements and user interface for profile creation, the correction process, the Dragon Sidebar, and even more.   Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is also a free update for users of version 11.  In all, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is more accurate and faster than the prior Dragon NaturallySpeaking versions and better for producing more accurate content for your readers.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium is writers chose for producing accurate content in seconds.  Dragon 11.5 recognizes speech accurately and you can spend considerably less time dealing with recognition errors and more time concentrating on producing better content for your readers.  An important feature of Dragon 11.5 is its time-saving voice commands, which is great for producing those spur of the moment ideals and thoughts that come to mind for Facebook or Twitter.  That is why have chosen  Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium it can be a very useful tool for Social Media Content, Article Marketing, Content Creation, Commenting on Blogs and much more.


Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium for Social Media Content

Using Dragon 11.5’s new voice commands for twitter and Facebook is one the funniest part of using this software it has the ability to post to Twitter and Facebook by voice command this has increase my productivity  up much faster when I’m posting my updates by typing .

Having this additional feature in latest version gives me the ability to get more tasks done just by speaking whatever is on my mind straight to Facebook and twitter.  Here are a few suggestions and tips how you can use this software for your Facebook and twitter followers.

Facebook – One can update Facebook by just saying, “Post that to Facebook,” or “Post to Facebook.”

  1. Post more often on Facebook.
  2. Respond to chats more quickly on Facebook.
  3. Produce more content on Facebook.
  4. Answer group questions more quickly on Facebook and keep your members more engaged in your group.

Twitter – Use the Social Networking command like “Post that to Twitter.”  More Twitter commands are “Post to Twitter” or “Tweet [text].”

  1. Download a free trial account of Tweetadder.com then use Dragon 11.5 to create short tweet messages and schedule multiple twitter post.
  2. Use Dragon 11.5’s voice feature to tweet quickly.


Article Marketing with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium

Article marketing is still one of my favorite marketing strategies to do but the only downfall to this is that you have to produce so much content to get any kind of good results from you work.  So here is one of my suggestions on how you can use Dragon 11.5 for article marketing by now most marketers have heard of spinning in content to produce more content.  Here is my step-by-step plan for producing content for article marketing

  1. Make sure to do good keyword research on the topic you want to write about and make sure there is a market for it. I recommend ( Secockpit.com or Marketsamurai.com if you don’t want to paid a monthly fee.
  2. Get a content spinning tool like thebestspinner.com, Spinnerchief.com
  3. Make sure to research your subject thoroughly because just producing content is not good enough for the search engines your content has to influence the visitor or make some kind of good impression so that visitor doesn’t land on your page and bounce right back off.
  4. Now here comes the part we you can use Dragon 11.5 if you ever spun an article you know that just spinning synonym words is probably going to get you about 30% to 40% uniqueness and that’s not going to cut it, what you should do is use Dragon 11.5 to rewrite each of your sentences at least 3 times to have hundredths of highly unique articles.
  5. After making your articles you can now submit them to many article directories with unique content.


Blog commenting – Never losing a great comment again with Dragon 11.5

Blog commenting was one of the first ways I use to get backlinks to my site and I used to find it, difficult to try to keep up with all my thoughts and trying to type them out on the blogs most of the time I would forget my thoughts before I could get the comment on the blog, but now with the help of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium I can post comments on a unlimited amount of blogs just by speaking without worrying about losing some of my best thoughts of the writers post.

Dragon 11.5 takes out the hassle of blog commenting now all you have to do is use a service like blog commenting demon found the  blogs that want to comment on and after reading the post I’m just one thought away from producing a comment on that blog.


Apple Devices combine with Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium also has the new Dragon Remote Microphone app that turns your iPhone into a wireless microphone recorder.  This makes it more comfortable and easier for you to capture your ideas and thoughts and never losing a great idea again.

The Dragon Remote Microphone app works with the iPhone 3G,  iphone 3GS and 4, the iPad and ipad 2 or  the iPod Touch 4th generation running on iOS 4.2, or later.  Here is a quick video on how to set up your Dragon Remote Microphone app with Dragon.

While not available on Dragon Home, the new audio input options of Dragon allow you to speak directly into their computers via the microphone that is free with the Dragon software purchase.  With the Dragon Remote Microphone app (which is free app and can be downloaded from iTunes), users can get the same transcription with your iPhone.  The microphone app converts your Apple devices into a wireless microphone through Wi-Fi.  And you don’t have to buy any extra equipment because you have everything that you going to need on your iphone.


Dragon 11.5 also has an app for capturing some of your best ideas no matter where you are it can also be use with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a digital voice recorder.  Check out the video for more details

If you are into giving interviews with experts in the field Dragon NaturallySpeaking can also translate recorded messages.  The way to use Dragon 11.5 to do this is a little tricky but it can be done. is to recorder interviews with an expert in his field


Final thoughts

With the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 Premium, one can expect it to be easier and faster to make content.  It improves system messages on program tasks like Accuracy Tuning.  The new system messages enumerate requirements for tasks to be run and explain how to shift set tasks and give direct access to online help.  For the best performance run Accuracy Tuning and ensure that optimum levels of recognition accuracy are transferred to the updated user profile. Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 Premium is also available for Mac users.


Additional Resources: If you are looking for additional ways to create unique content you might want to also check out Articlebuilder.net just a few clicks of the button you can have tons of unique articles made for you in seconds.

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social metrics pro

Social Metrics Pro

If you have been paying close attention to the search engine lately there is now a third level to accomplishing your SEO goals online and it’s called social signals.  Social signals are when you like a post using facebook like, Google + or Pin content to Pinterest this can help your search engine ranking on Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

SEO (search engine optimization) use to be finding specific keywords with low competition and high search volume and getting back links.  Now there’s social signal you must try to get if want to get more exposure online from search engines and social networks like facebook, Twitter YouTube and Pinterest.

If you ever tried to keep up with all of your posts social signals you know that could be a very tedious job to do, some people may have more than a 1000 post on their sites and trying to know which content is preforming the best over others can be difficult, you want to know this so that you can write more content on the same subjects to satisfy your visitors you should consider using Social Metrics Pro to quickly identify which posts are getting tons of social action.  It also helps improve the social signals of one’s websites.


social media analytics for askanthonyjohnson

Social Media Analytics for AskAnthonyJohnson.com

Social Metrics Pro is the latest SEO tool out on the market that works around the principles of bing’s and Google’s latest policy on ranking sites.  It helps one track websites’ progress on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

It works together with several popular social networks and can assess feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, and several others on the pipeline.  Social Metrics Pro gives one a clear vision of how the website is ranked on social networks.

According to dates and categories, one can choose filter options through Social Metrics.  One can place a preferable data refresh frequency, meaning that one can have the most current statistics of the website’s performance.  You can also analyze data by using searching and sorting options, which are given within the plugin.

Every time one likes, shares, or comments on a website owner’s content, Social Metrics Pro records those activities.  A website owner can track how his sites are doing and make some improvement to make the sites more enticing on social networks.  It is a new tool; however, it makes things for the neophyte optimizer easier and its color-coding output system is very simple.


Advantages of having Social Metrics Pro Analytics


One of the greatest advantage of Social Metrics Pro is that it exactly tells the website owner or blogger which of his website contents is performing the best and which ones that need improvement.

This Social Metrics feature helps the website owner’s social signals on the blog or site, helping them to better ranking.  Social Metrics is the new best friend for website owners and bloggers and it is easy to install on one’s WordPress sites.


Social Metrics Pro through a simple visual depiction – helps the modern optimizer to stay attuned to his website’s performances on social networks and there’s no need to work with various tags, codes, or difficult links.

It helps to propel the ranks highly and it also utilizes the latest ranking methods used by the world’s largest search engines.  Simply put, this tool analyzes how one’s website is received on platforms like Twitter tweets, +1 on Google Plus, and Facebook likes, among other platforms.  It also checks the content’s performance on sites like Digg and StumbleUpon.


My thoughts on this plug-in is that I would definitely recommend it to any WordPress user who is looking to find which content is performing the best and how you can move up in the rankings of the search engine. The SEO expert can expect great things form Social Metrics Pro.   Social Metrics works for WordPress blogs that are higher than version 3.2.  and also provides options that will help the website or blog owner modify his experience with assessment tools.


Growing Your Business with Pinterest Marketing

PinterestAre you Growing your business with Pinterest if not you could be missing out found out what all the talk is about.

In order to get started with Pinterest marketing, it is important to know what exactly Pinterest is and how popular are they on the web. Pinterest is basically a new social network that allows you to have your own virtual pinboard online where you can organize all the favorite things that you love on the web like photos, videos, and articles you read online or products and share them with other pinterest users and friends.

Some people on pinterest may use it to share their favorite clothes, shoes, or handbags others may share their vacation photos or a new YouTube video the possibilities are endless.

So how popular is pinterest, at the time of this post they are ranked #68 on alexa rankings.

Pinterest is enjoying millions of visitors daily and according to web analysts, the websites number of unique visitors has increased over 500% from September 2011 to present. Pinterest has increased its user base to over 3.3 million. The website is currently ranked fifth ahead of other social networks such as LinkedIn and Google+.


Pinterest Features

Pinterest has a number of unique features such as pins, Pinterest bookmarks, and pinboard. These features among others allows Pinterest users to visually curate, share, and discover new interests and preferences by posting (which is popularly known as ‘pinning’) videos or images on other peoples or personal pinboards. In Pinterest, pinboards are a collection of pins having common themes.

Pin – a pin is a image that you add with pinterest “Pin it button from your browser.  You can also upload an image that comes from your computer to pinterest. When you pin an image from a website using the pin it button that image will also link back to the site.


Pinboards – is a set of pins that you can create on any topic like Recipes, Books, favorite movies etc. There is also no limit to how many pins you add.


Likes – is when you see other pinterest users pins you have the option to like their pins.


Pins can be integrated to your browser through a special button called the “Pin It” button that lets you grab and add images from other websites and add them onto your pinboards you also have the option add an description about the image with 500 characters and tweet it on twitter I highly recommend you add this description because it can really bring out what the image means to the visitors.   Pinning is an important Pinterest marketing feature because it automatically picks the source links and credits original creators of images. There also other features such as like buttons that are common in other social networks used to endorse pinboards.


Building your business on Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest popularity enables you to build your business on Pinterest. This can be done if you create a credible profile with a friendly photo also do your research well and know who your target audience is. In order to be successful in Pinterest marketing, you have to create a great profile and also be able to share your pins with targeted Pinterest users and knowing what their intentions are when they are on pinterest you may also want to know what are the age range, which gender is more likely to visit pinterest, the income levels, and much more.

The best way of doing this is by researching alexa.com, compete.com and HItwise to know your target audience.  Own every social network there is a reason why people come to that particular social network you just have to find out why and which offer he/she is looking for at that time.


1. Keeping your Pinterest profile updated

One way of creating a great profile that markets your business effectively is by ensuring that your profile is regularly updated.   A good way of keeping an up to date pinterest profile is launching daily pins. This is because it provides an excellent opportunity to regularly promote your brand with up to date information. The best way to do this is to come up with catchy slogans description under 500 characters to your business initiatives so that your images get re-pinned by other pinterest users.  Daily pins help in maintaining repeat visitors because visitors come looking for new updates and items.


2. Change it up don’t just be a self-promoter

A great profile that is effective for Pinterest marketing should also have variety of things to pin. Most people are obsessed with promoting products their profiles. This strategy sometimes becomes ineffective as most users will start to notice you are only on pinterest to market people get bored of following such profiles. It therefore more advisable to post unique variety i.e. suggestions/fun posts among other interesting stuff.  To keep your followers interested you need have variety of things in your profile.


3. Sharing your pins

Sharing your pins with other Pinterest users is also an effective Pinterest marketing strategy that can help you to build your business on Pinterest.  One of the best ways of sharing your pins is by following the big hitters in Pinterest because it is by the best way of raising awareness about you and your company. By following popular figures, they also follow you back, and in the process you can effectively share your pins and spread the word faster about your product or service.


4. Adding pinterest to your Facebook timeline

Adding Pinterest to your Facebook timeline is also another great marketing strategy that you can use to attract more traffic to your pinterest profile.  We all know Facebook is one of the top social network site and has millions of users combining these two services would definitely increase your traffic.  So let’s look at how to add pinterest to your Facebook timeline.


First you want to log into your pinterest account.  Next go to the top right hand corner where you username is and click then go to settings then scroll down to you see the facebook then just click on for facebook timeline and your done.

Pinterest Facebook Timeline



Make sure to click save profile after you are done also at any time you can also deactivate this at any time


5.  Add the Pinterest Button to your website

To find the pinterest button visit http://pinterest.com/about/goodies/


6. Pinterest Mobile

If you are using a iPhone try the pinterest mobile app  to promote your store or brick and mortar business pin a great looking cake, or pin a new dinner dish you can even add a location so people will know where it’s at to get the word out.



With the rising growth of pinterest I would highly recommend setting up a profile on pinterest is already in the top five social networks and rising, connecting with other pinterest users and  building relationships is the place to be so get started today and start expanding your business. If you like to join me on pinterest checkout http://www.pinterest.com/anthonyljohnson/ Image Courtesy: flickr methodshop


3 Advanced Submission Software Tips & Tricks

Odds are if you’ve been building links for any period of time you’ve probably picked up a submitter or two for your backlinking.  You might have a few collecting virtual dust on your hard drive right now, or maybe you use them actively.  Either way, here are a few advanced tactics you can use to switch things up and get more bang for your buck with your SEO software.

Don’t Link Directly to Your Site

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when using software for backlinks.  There is no guarantee that your site will get penalized if you build links aggressively, but it is always a possibility.  The truth is that you CAN get hurt by building too many links too quickly especially if your website is new.

One important factor to keep in mind when doing mass submissions is that the indexing rate is VERY important.  You could for instance build 1,000 links and they might get picked up slowly by Google creating a drip-feed style affect despite the immediate creation.

If you have a program for any kind of link blasting you can still take full advantage of it by linking first to other pages that then link to a page on your site directly.  This technique for harnessing the full power of certain submission software without the risk of link building penalties is now very popular and widely used for linking schemes such as link wheels.

Tiered Link Building

Tiered link building is the act of building links to your backlinks.

In order take advantage of mass submissions you can use tiered link building to moderate the amount of links that lead directly to your site while still gaining further benefit from indirect links.

For Article Submitters: First submit your article to a handful of high quality, popular directories such as Ezine, ArticleBase, and GoArticles.  After your article has been approved at each you can submit it to hundreds or thousands of lower quality directories and spin the link in the resource box to link randomly between your approved articles.  This way you will have a stronger link profile for each article that links directly to your site without any added risk.  Also, your article pages in the quality directories will now have a stronger presence in the search engines from the link building.

This strategy can be employed for basically any type of submission, but here’s one more tiered submission technique for increasing indexing rates.

For RSS Submitters: This is a really neat technique I came up with when I needed to increase indexation for clients’ article submissions.  The first thing you need to do is create an RSS feed out of links you want indexed.  You can take any list of URLs and make a feed at html2rss.  If you have a lot links then you can make multiple feeds with 20-50 links each and then submit them all to the directories.  Finally, you create a master RSS feed with the links of the other feeds and submit it as well in order to maximize your indexing rates.

For even further indexing and more link juice you can easily use a program like Bookmarking Demon to link to the URLs where your feeds are hosted on the RSS directories.

Link to Pages That Get No Love

There are a lot of pages online that link to your site, but never get links.  For instance, a page where your RSS feed is hosted usually does not receive backlinks.  This page links to all of your most recent blog posts AND updates when new posts are published = automatic backlinks.  So why not show this page some love and get stronger links on autopilot to every post you publish?

Your profile on bookmarking sites and social media websites are another good place to add a few links to.  A quick check with SEO Quake or SearchStatus will reveal which ones are dofollow and thus warrant more links.  You can use virtually any submission software to spin your links and backlink to all of them with ease.



Ultimate Demon | SEO Automation Link Building Software

ultimate demon

Ultimate Demon

With over 10 months in development finally Ultimate Demon by EdwinSoft’s is release to the world. Increasing your business online visibility has just gotten a lot easier no more of the tedious and time-consuming task you use to do in your link building campaign. Link building can be one of the most time consuming task in your search engine optimization tasks and is also one of the most effective ways to increase your site traffic.

It can help your site rank higher in search engine results and draw in lots of traffic by having your link on other websites or blogs, but it needs a lot of manual work and time to build up links to your site. This all can reduce your time to growing your business.

Fortunately, a new affordable innovation in link building automation has come to the rescue. This software will help you save time and money as it will take care of your link-building needs and free up more time for you to grow your business and increase profits faster than ever.

Ultimate Demon is an all-in-one seo automation link building software that lets you make accounts, verify emails, submit content to sites, build links and increase your site traffic in a short time and leaving out a lot unnecessary steps that will waste a lot of your time when you could be building your business and seamless submission process that links together the entire link building tasks and effectively.

Some of the Best Features of Ultimate Demon

Add Own Sites

This is one of my favorite features of Ultimate Demon it allows you to add your own sites with a build in scraper. The scraper works by adding a footprint and let it scrape the internet for sites then it automatically detects the type of sites you add and lets you add unlimited script using sites such as Article Beach, Article Dasboard, Article Friendly, Article MS, Elgg, German’s Public Bookmark, MyBB, phpBB, Pligg, Php Dug, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus and SMF. This helps you increase your backlinks you can get from all the sites resulting in more traffic.

Article Spinning and Rewriting

It has a built-in article spinner and re-writer that supports nested spins and multiply your articles into thousand of versions without worrying about duplicates.  Ultimate Demon also has a Mass Replace Synonyms that replaces your words with its synonyms for more unique articles. You can even build a synonym database based on your spun articles. You can also produce more unique content by using the software’s integrated API feature that uses two popular content spinner, the Spinner Chief and thebestspinner.com

Creating and Scheduling a Task

You can set a date and time for your submissions or even randomly let build links up over a certain period of time. This lets you build links at regular intervals and volumes.

Contextual Links for Self Added WordPress Article Directories

The contextual links feature lets you insert links when it finds the keywords that match what you provided but you can only use this feature for self added wordpress article directories that are labeled yourwordpress and the directories allows links inside the content of your article this is a great feature for getting backlinks to your site.

Other Awesome Features Include:

– Supports multiple platforms and cheaper visual aid services.

– Faster content submission with its multi-threading support and linked performance with its seamless submission process.

– Built-in privacy protection, automatic pinging and human speed simulation.

–  Assigning accounts to particular proxy servers and much more.


How much does Ultimate Demon Cost?

At the time of this post you two options to purchase Ultimate Demon one is one-time price of $347 with I think is a steal for what you can do with this software also you will have 2yrs of free upgrades from the time you purchase the software, afterwards the upgrade will cost you an additional $147 with every upgrade you get 2yrs of upgrades

Click here for Option #1

If you don’t have the $347 up front you can chose the monthly option#2 of just $47 a month

Click here for Option #2


With Ultimate Demon, you can grow your business effectively without sacrificing too much time. It helps you focus more on your business core functions and not wasting a lot of time trying to build links to rank in search engines I high recommend this seo automation software to any business owner or individual trying to build their business. It also helps you spend more time with your family, friends. So go on give the software a chance and watch it work its wonders for your business.